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Ok, I broke. This is for you, [livejournal.com profile] reeni928 and [livejournal.com profile] canadiangirl_86!!

I watched Daybreak: 2 and well, .

Mainly, I was hugely underwhelmed.

Not a surprise, given the reviews I've watched. But oh, how good it could have been. In my imaginings, it was this grand epic, and yet the real deal was so ... bleh.

My favourite parts? I cried BUCKETS at Laura's death. Just seeing her press her shaking hand against the window, smiling at Kara and Lee. The way they stayed brave and smiled back, but they knew and she knew, she wouldn't be coming back again, not in this life. How she died staring out over the beautiful Earth, marveling at the life. My only quibble? I wished she had whispered something about seeing everyone there, waiting for her. I LOVED that boat scene in the previous episode -- the shadows on the shore, waiting for her, waiting for everyone. But oh my, her death. And Bill, sitting by her grave, staring out over the hills and saying that the view is "heavenly" and "reminds (him) of (her)." OH SOBS FOREVER. I so wanted them to have that cabin, and it breaks my little heart to think of him there alone, for all of his days. But I suppose he will never be alone, will he. She'll always be there, whispering his name with that tremulous smile, and when he returns to her, she will echo him. Took you long enough.

"What do you hear, Starbuck?"
"Nothin' but the rain."
"Grab your gun and bring the cat in." SNIFFLE SOB OMG SHOW DON'T LEAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That was a perfect moment. And the way he kissed her, quickly, chastely. OMG SHOW DON'T GO!!!!!!!!

I was super happy to see Helo alive at the end, because OHZ HELO! I always think he will die because he is such a good boy. But he didn't! That was lovely. I wanted him and Athena to get their 'happy ending' with their beautiful daughter, who is a dead ringer for Suri Cruise, I must mention.

Gaius breaking down, and saying, "I know something about farming." Full circle, and gorgeous. I enjoyed that he and Caprica finally found each other in the end and the "YOU CAN SEE THEM TOO?" in unison made me crack up. I have really liked Gaius and Six since the beginning, so it was nice to see them together in the end. I wasn't exactly INVESTED in their relationship LIKE I WAS IN ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP BUT WHATEVER THAT RANT CAN WAIT but it was still cool that they managed to work things out, despite being responsible for the deaths of billions of people. That could weigh on a conscience and make farming difficult, or so you'd think.

Contrary to most, I liked the Kara/Lee flashbacks. Not because as RDM basically said, "It was playtime for Kara" which, NO. But because it showed that even in the beginning, Lee and Kara clicked like no other couple on the show. That was IT - the first second they saw each other. Not to mention, oh baby!pilots. You were cute and hot all at the same time. That moment when he touched her hand and she shuddered and stopped smiling? Oh JESUS. That was frakking sexy. Not to mention, they talked and they bantered and he was all politicky even then. Yes, it was a stupid, selfish betrayal of Zak. But since when are the pilots careful about their relationship? They never have been and maybe now they will be ... but back then, they were young and ballsy and the war hadn't started and it was all or nothing, always all or nothing. The only thing I hated? The total Kara retcon about her biggest fear. Being forgotten? Whatevs.

Glad that Galen killed Tory. She had it coming. I just wanted Callie to be avenged. Yes, she was whiny and annoying, but she was a Mommy, and she tried her best and she used to be so cute. Not to mention the way she was murdered was horrifying. Tory needed to pay for it. I was just glad that Galen finally stood up for Callie.

The image of Galactica with her broken back. Gorgeous and horrible all at once.

WHEN THEY FLEW OVER THE MOON. Oh I LOVED THAT. It was a totally kick-ass way to hint at what was coming.

Minor issues? Athena shooting Boomer. Guess I understood the motivation -- you killed my father, prepare to die, and all that. Or, you kidnapped my daughter, prepare to die, excuse me. But Boomer had just SAVED Hera's life, so I was feeling fuzzy toward her. I always liked Boomer and the Chief and thought it was sad that Boomer could never quite get it together.

Cavill committing suicide? Huh? Didn't get that motivation at all.

Galen running off to an island at the end. I mean, I understand where he's coming from. Callie and Boomer are dead. His son's not really his son. Even his fellow Cylon betrayed him. But an island all on your own? Oh, Galen. Makes me sad.

The no-resolution for Colonel Tigh. I wanted to see him more and I wanted more of his brashness and his ballsiness and his flaws. Instead he was barely around.

Papadama leaving Lee. WHAAA? I mean, granted, maybe he thought that Kara would I don't know STICK AROUND FOR TWO SECONDS GOD but still. WTF, Papadama. Not cool.

Hates? Let's start. First of all, I hated the overall preachiness and the God talk. Blah. Never been a fan of the mysticism. What attracted me to this show was the grittiness and the blackness. It's kind of like how the first two Harry Potter movies were all silicone and green screen, and then with Prisoner of Azkaban, the new director took it to a whole new level. He showed the rain, the muck, the dark nights, the way parts of Hogwarts were crumbling to dust. That's what I liked about BSG in the beginning. It was so frakking dark and gritty and now, what? GOD HAS A PLAN? I DON'T CARE. YES, GAIUS, I DON'T CARE. NOT EVEN FOR YOU, SIX, CAN I CARE ABOUT THIS STUPID GOD TALK. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TIMES INFINITY.

I hated how underwhelming it was.

I hated the little epilogue. Stupid, stupid. Random images of cute robots? Not exactly striking fear into my heart.

I hated the way nothing was really resolved or answered or even wrapped up.

And you knew this was coming:

I hated the way they resolved Kara Thrace's character, and I hated the way they "RESOLVED" Kara and Lee. First of all, Kara. Oh, Kara. I cried and cried when she disappeared, but mainly because she was so royally frakked by the way the storyline went. I can barely articulate what I want to say. First of all, great that Kara had her big moment and said she loved Sam. Oh how far she's come! OR, NOT. As Lee always frakking said, "The dead guys you can handle. It's the living ones you can't." OR WHATEVER. Sam was in a puddle of goo, with a shaved head and was about to fly into the sun. So yeah, Kara feels free to tell him she loves him, and kiss him, and cry over him. Because guess what? He's SAFE. He will not be coming back to make her be a 'proper wife' and she KNOWS THAT. She still can't handle the living.

Second of all, a pigeon? Really, RDM? REALLY? Kara's suddenly an angel? Right. I hated the way she just disappeared. The way she was so happy her 'journey' was over. Whatever. I get it. I get that she died in Maelstrom and she was just a pigeon they all could see, or ok, an angel, but Kara Thrace being glad it's all over? No. Kara Thrace lives for the journey. She lives for "the fun stuff". The Kara Thrace I KNOW would have climbed that mountain with Lee. Starbuck didn't get an ending, she got a poof of air. She got a MAGIC TRICK. That was bullshit and it didn't do justice to the fantastic and tortured work Katee Sackhoff has done over the years.


*deep breath*

Kara disappears. Lee looks momentarily stricken and then says, "Goodbye Kara. You'll never be forgotten."


The only woman he has ever truly loved. The woman that he tried to forget and couldn't, so he married Dualla. The woman he has broken hearts over. The woman he frakked his brother over for. The woman that shattered his soul and stole his breath and the woman he kissed so soundly and so surely when she came back from the dead. The woman he touched and told that it was him and her, and that was ok. That was it.

That woman.


No. That wasn't in character. That wasn't their story. That wasn't even close to representing what Kara and Lee mean to each other and have meant to each other. And Kara? She wouldn't have left him. She wouldn't have been HAPPY to leave him. Maybe she wanted him to finally live out his dreams, but she knew for damn sure that she would always be in them. BULLSHIT that she would disappear without telling him she loved him, LEE ADAMA, and bullshit that they wouldn't have had at least one last night under the new moon. I watched UNFINISHED BUSINESS. I saw what they are to each other. What they will always be. Don't even try to play this game, RDM. Your narrative doesn't support the bullshit you're spewing. That was a mess, plain and simple. Either you took the chance to frak over Lee/Kara fans one last time, or you didn't understand your own story.

A pigeon?

Kara never wanting to be forgotten?

Kara leaving Lee with a smile on her face?

Kara telling a gooey, messy, DEAD Sam Anders that she loves him? Par for the course.

It's all bullshit, and it hurts me, but I will write a story to fix it. I must.

So I'm sad to say, despite a few shining moments, I didn't like it one bit, but I will miss my show. I loved this show. It's better than anything I have seen on TV, bar none.

So say we all.

What'd you hear, Starbuck?

Nothin' but the rain, sir. Nothin' but the rain.

Date: 2009-03-26 11:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bluegreensmoke.livejournal.com
As I said in my own write-up: Kara Thrace: Belligerent Pigeon? I've been watching this show for 4 years and you end it like that? Uh, no RDM. Just, no.

I will write a story to fix it. I must.

Ooooh, yes! You must, you must!

Date: 2009-03-27 12:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] all-shine-on.livejournal.com
Not to mention, they talked and they bantered and he was all politicky even then. Yes, it was a stupid, selfish betrayal of Zak. But since when are the pilots careful about their relationship? They never have been and maybe now they will be ... but back then, they were young and ballsy and the war hadn't started and it was all or nothing, always all or nothing.

YES. THIS. It's not that the guilt over that moment kept them apart, they weren't "always on that table". I think it was that in that moment, they realised exactly how explosive their relationship could be, how far they would go for and how intense the connection was. What kept them (I'd say Kara mostly) apart was knowing that it was an all or nothing thing if they did get together. They would never have an easy relationship or a light/safe/fun one. That would scare the shit out of Kara, to love someone that much and to risk losing them *in any way*. Better to play it safe, love someone easy like Sam, who was wonderful but wouldn't push her the way Lee did. Better to have Sam as a shield than risk being with Lee, where she'd have to give him everything and feel it all.

The only thing I hated? The total Kara retcon about her biggest fear. Being forgotten? Whatevs.

I know. That was such incredible bullshit. Someone brought up during the Pegasus arc when Kara calls out their pilots for painting their kills on the wings of their Vipers. Kara's not about recognition or being remembered. She's about being who she is, no matter what. Kara's greatest fear is not being worthy of the love and respect she gets from people, of them realising she's not worth it.

Please, please, please write fic, Trixie. You made B/A okay for me so many times, do this too!

Date: 2009-03-27 12:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] canadiangirl-86.livejournal.com
Glad to hear from you on this. Obviously I agree with you wholeheartedly.

And yeah, I was not a fan of what that flashback does to Kara and Lee's continuity but the moment when she touches his hand as he climbs on top of her??? IF YOU DON'T FIND THAT HOT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Date: 2009-03-27 07:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] helikedmyshoes.livejournal.com
It's been a week, and I STILL don't know how I feel. I have been able to find some beauty in it, but I still can't really articulate myself. I just feel like that wasn't THE END, after all the buildup we had over the last 4 seasons. They were so much more than that. And that's why I love them so, and why they have replaced Buffy and Angel as my OTP of all time.

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