Mar. 9th, 2009

hellowonderland: (kara // kissed)
I am always very confused when I read posts iterating these things:

a) Kara loves Anders
b) Lee loves Dualla
c) Kara and Lee don't love each other

For serious?

Are we even watching the same frakking show?

My point of view?

a) Kara never loved Sam in the least. He was safe, vulnerable and a bit juicy. Her three favourite things. She played him like a harp and continues to do so up until 4X03 which is where I am right now. He was there when she needed him, and he gave her something to focus on when she wanted to run away. Oh, Kara. You are frakked in the head and need help, and that is why I love you.

b) Lee couldn't have given a frak about Dualla in a romantic sense. She was his revenge marriage, and he got fat because he was so miserable with her. He loves her as a friend, sorta, but she was never, ever going to be Lee's heart. He's Kara's. However frakked that is, he just IS.

c) Oh please. They are so in love they're killing themselves with it.

Ok, I'm done.
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Eww, Leoben.

Do not want.

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