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Republican Chris Smith getting completely and quite awesomely PWNED by SOS Hillary Clinton.


Dec. 8th, 2008 07:22 pm
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{Obama's speechwriter and the 'boys will be boy's defense of sexism'}

Can I just ask how this douchebag still has a job?

And who do I write to, to get him fired?

(In other news of the non-feminist variety... I am interested in writing some sort of Roswell fic. Does anyone know if the fandom is active AT ALL? I want to do some sort of Buffy/Liz epic again, because I am that way inclined. Any thoughts would be welcome!)
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Tina Fey makes my clit hard. Seriously.

Bitch is the New Black: Why People were Threatened by Hillary, by Tina Fey

"I can promise you, they are having exactly as much sex as George Bush and Jeb Bush are," Tina on Bill and Hillary
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"And in conclusion, I invite the media to grow a pair. And if you can't, I will lend you mine." - "Hillary Clinton"
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The second that Obama named Biden as his VP, I thought, "He's blown the door wide open for McCain to steal this race", and look.

Nauseating, animal-killing, anti-choice, gun-toting, book banning...

THIS is what people want? Seriously?

If anyone isn't voting in this election, I will put on my American suit and VOTE FOR YOU because not voting is just IRRESPONSIBLE! *Yes, I mean it. No apologies.
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As much as I disdain Obama's choice of VP (just NO, on all levels), I still believe in him and his campaign and he MUST be President. So I do hope that vexed Clinton supporters don't fall for this pandering crap.

I am Canadian, and yes, this is still important to me. Women of North America, do not think that this means McCain loves YOU. What he loves is an opportunity.

PS: I am still an ardent fan and supporter of Hillary Clinton, however, I recognize -- as she does -- that right now, people need to come together and support the common cause. And that is to kick the Republicans out of the White House. Do I think Obama should have picked her as VP? Yes. He should have pulled a Kennedy and put in his own Lyndon Johnson, despite his misgivings, because he should have recognized, as Kennedy did, that it was the only way the party could be truly unified. However, what's done is done.

Obama for prez!
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Hee. Heeheehee. Hee.

Hot 4 Hillary - those with senses of humour only (and maybe a few lez leanings?) )

That girl is HOT. Plus, hi, the line, "I know you're not gay but I was hoping for bi ... lingual" is instant classic.

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