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Oops, what happened here?

Apparently, I wrote something. It has been a long, long, long time. But this has been sitting in my brain for at least a year, and I finally, over the last several weeks, actually ... *wrote* it.

Title: It’s What Happened to Them
Author: Trixen
Disclaimer: Joss still owns them and I still don’t.
Rating: R

A cold room, a snowfall, a disappearing world. Buffy and Angel, till the end, yes. )
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Oh yes, Spike is such a Woobie. Buffy totally FORCED him into the sexual relationship in Season Six. He was just a pawn in her dirty woman game!



Just read an article that was linked on [livejournal.com profile] su_herald and am having major problems with it. MAJOR.

Why is there a constant need to blame Buffy for absolutely everything? Is it because of Marsters' cheekbones? Is it because she has tits? Is it because she made mistakes? Or is it simply that they can't accept that they will NEVER get to sleep with Spike?
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Title: The Truth the Girl Knows
Author: Trixen
Disclaimer: Ilene Chaiken does the LA lezzies, Joss does the Slayers. Trixen does the writing! Everyone’s happy, no one gets sued.
Rating: R, for graphic sex and language
Timeline: Approximately a year after ‘Chosen’ during the Buffyverse, during the 4th season in The L Word. Knowledge of either of the shows isn’t exactly necessary for the ficcage, but it would be an asset.
Summary: It’s hot in Cleveland, as Bette storms into town on a mission, and meets “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and you are?”

I mean, they're slightly Sapphic )

As always, I am open to comments, in fact I desire them, yes, DESIRE! They are sexier than sex.

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