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This is my shameless bid for feedback. Also, a handy cataloguing system. An enormous Master List of all my fiction, organized and detailed and the whole shebang. Seriously, I have been working on this for months. I'm either slow, or, well... I'm slow. This will soon be pinned to the top of my Journal, but I recommend bookmarking it if you are anal and lovely like me and want to be able to get to the fic without waiting.

Master List of Trixen's Fic )

I feel a bit like running up and down the halls of LiveJournal land shrieking, "MASTER LIST! MAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR LIST!" But I won't. Whew. I'm just thankful to be done this montrosity.
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I just finished quite a long Buffy/Bette (BtVS/The L Word) fic, and I'm not sure if I should post it. *tears out hair*

BTW: Amanda Seyfried is so fucking gorgeous. I want to lick her. And her hair? Who else is jealous?? I love her in Mamma Mia! because she's so tanned and loose and hippie with her bathing suits and sandals. So hot.
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Title: The Lightning Tale: in Five Acts
Author: Trixen
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I claim no right to anything but my words.
Word Count: 2, 731
Rating: Hard R
Summary: Drabble-icious stories of the lightning within and without.
Fandoms: BtVS/AtS, Pride & Prejudice (2005 film), The L Word, Harry Potter and Veronica Mars.

Warning: femslash, het & metaphor abuse ahead! )

Lez Girls

Jun. 9th, 2007 05:14 pm
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So. Lately I have been re-obsessing over The L Word.

I've fashioned a poll to see what your thoughts are on this heart-breaker of a show.

naked girls, bette and drama equals a happy trixen )

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