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You know, it comes to mind that I really, really love Mary McDonnell? And that in my imaginings, she is just like Laura Roslin in person, so in reality she IS the President, but someone asked her to pretend to be an actress and play the President and she was like, "Ok, I am the President, duh, I know all." If you see what I mean.

I want her to use her 'edge of tears' voice on me. Sigh. I love her.

Oh, and am I wrong in thinking that Tricia and Katee were totally having sex the entire time BSG was on air? C'MONNNNN. Tricia is so beautiful -- wow. But really. Someone MUST have been having sex. I want to know who had sex!
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I want to sex up Jillian Michaels like whoa.

Anyone who watches The Biggest Loser should know what I mean. I mean, she'd sooner beat the crap out of me than eat my pussy, but she is fucking smoking hot, and I just want to push her up against a wall and yes.


Also, if you want to lose weight, do her Thirty Day Shred. It will make you puke it's so hard.
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5 Unpopular Deathly Hallows Fannish Opinions or Whatever With No Spoilers I Swear to Goodness Gracious Since I Haven't Even Read Spoilers and Yet Still Know I'll Be Disappointed In The Book Because Of These Opinions Pant Pant Pant

I'll be over here, with red wine, wishing these things would happen )

It's all a dream. My dream. It won't happen, so don't worry.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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